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Training course overview

Course overview

The course explains the system and functional design of ichris/chris21 interface and how to navigate within the system, enter data, run standard reports and utilise additional features including various Help tools.


This course is a prerequisite for all other ichris/chris21 training courses. It is designed for attendees who have little or no understanding of using our system but understand the operational requirements of their organisations.


Note, courses may be run in either ichris or chris21 - please check the course date to see which interface will be used.

Training course cost
Who Should Attend
Who should attend
System Administrators, HR and Payroll Professionals
Personal Drivers
Personal drivers
Gain a basic understanding of chris21/ichris
Half day
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An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest
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What you will learn ...

What you will learn

On completing this course, you will:

  • understand the design of ichris/chris21 and its features
  • be able to log in and out of ichris/chris21 and navigate within it using the most appropriate tools
  • be able to personalise the system options and navigational tools
  • be able to identify and use the different types of forms and fields
  • be able to view, create, modify, print and delete records
  • be able to create and view standard reports


Access ichris/chris21

  • utilise different profiles to log into the system

Work with data

  • system layout - menus, pages, fields
  • view, create, copy and delete entries
  • describe 'parent' and 'child' summary lists
  • use search options
  • add and delete attachments to form entries e.g. photos and notes
  • interpret error and information messages

Create and use reports

  • describe form report details
  • publish and send standard reports

Use additional ichris/chris21 features

  • use date arithmetics
  • utilise Shortcut Keys
  • utilise Help
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Dates and Venues

This course has no sessions yet. Please check back later.