Organisation charting enables you to create visual representations of your organisation structure. You can create charts for teams, departments, locations or entire organisations, using the relationships already established in ichris.

A quick and easy edit function enables users to make and apply changes in real time. You can also export ORC21 charts to .pdf and .png. Design charts that display specific data fields that can vary between different charts or different versions of the same chart.


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  • Create visual representations of your organisation structure by seamlessly integrating ichris data
  • Utilising fully customisable ichris data security
  • Build charts from any ichris relationship structure
  • Create charts for teams, departments, locations or full company structure
  • Drag and drop facility to make easy organisation structure changes
  • Fully customise the data shown in chart position bubbles
  • One click to update ichris relationship data
  • Export charts to .pdf and .png

Benefits of Using Organisation Charting

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  • Easily maintain accurate organisation charts, even in dynamic markets
  • Quickly identify vacant positions
  • Create charts that are tailored to specific audiences, e.g. HR, Line Managers and Remuneration & Benefits Managers
  • Multiple relationship options ensure in-depth views of your organisation
  • Remove reliance on third-party products, integration and manual updates
  • Date-driven function permits historical structure views

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