Easily and quickly capture attendance information and eliminate inaccuracies resulting from multiple time recording devices. This module is completely integrated with our ichris - International Comprehensive Human Resource Integrated Software - to provide the level of control and information required for effective management of employee attendance and rostering.


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Able to capture employee attendance across multiple sites

Automated approvals efficiently control overtime costs

Reporting tool to monitor and analyse attendance data

Fully integrated with our payroll and absence management software


Monitor and optimise staff working time

Notification and approval workflows increase efficiency

Automated data flows reduce incidence of error

Plan better using real-time data

Intelligence at your fingertips

Interpret employee time data intelligently and highlight overtime, absence, lateness and total hours worked. Timings can be entered using a variety of attendance devices, or via a desktop PC. Managers can review employee hours worked and decide whether to approve any automatically generated overtime. Data is electronically passed to payroll.

Intuitive Management Portal

The management portal saves time by enabling users to view real-time attendance and employee data online. With easy access to current attendance information for their team, managers can perform time approval tasks on one page. The portal allows managers to compare actual and scheduled working times and presents attendance information by group or individual employees. They can view details for their team, enabling the change / addition / deletion of shifts or modification of worked hours, tasks and costings. Additional payments can also be made within the portal. The use of charts, widgets and colour coding provides a clear, graphical representation of attendance patterns and approval statuses.