CIPP National Payroll Week

Date: 2nd - 6th September 2024

Venue: Sky Garden, London

National Payroll Week was established by the UK by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) in 1998 to celebrate and give recognition to the payroll profession. Over 20 years later, NPW is now bigger than ever, raising awareness of the crucial role that payroll professionals play in ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time. Throughout the week, various activities, workshops, and educational events will be held to promote a better understanding of payroll practices and financial management. 

Frontier Software is delighted to actively support the work of the CIPP, in particular National Payroll Week. As a provider of payroll software and services, we understand the importance of celebrating the payroll profession and to recognise the work that goes in to “keeping the UK paid”. 

We look forward celebrating National Payroll Week with you.