Federal Group



“Frontier Software is just so easy to use. Extracting reports into predesigned templates makes using and presenting that data so much better than raw information.”

Andrew Barwick, Payroll Manager, Federal Group


Federal Group operates significant tourism, hospitality, retail, casino and gaming assets in Tasmania, and a national sensitive freight company. Currently employing 2,500 people, they are Tasmania’s largest private sector employer.

In October 2012, Federal Group had 7 business units and 2,000 staff that were paid according to 18 modern awards and spanning industries as diverse as hospitality and transport. Multiple manual procedures supported disjointed payroll processes. The payroll systems were disparate and outdated and weren’t enabling Federal Group to achieve efficiencies in their payroll management processes.

When going to market, Federal Group sought some key business outcomes. The new payroll and HRIS had to reduce or eliminate manual processes. It had to be able to combine the payroll data for all business entities into a single database. It also had to streamline payroll processing and HR data maintenance. The primary requirement for the new solution was simplicity.

Federal Group implemented ichris payroll, self service and learning. Payroll processes are now efficient and automated through the powerful workflow capability of the Frontier Software solution. Federal Group data is housed in a single database with in-depth reporting providing insights not previously available to the management group. Despite a 25% growth in employee numbers since implementation, ichris has scaled alongside Federal Group and continues to prove simple to use, efficient and future-proof.



Industry sector: Various
Customer since: 2013
Headcount: 2,500 employees
Delivery method: On-premise
Solution: Payroll, Self-service, Learning and Development
Country: Australia


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