Government of South Australia

"The advantage of identically configured databases is that we can now easily extract detailed reports across the whole of government. This supports our shared services model."

Mark Carey, Director, Reform at Department of the Premier and Cabinet, South Australia


The Government of South Australia (GSA) is the Australian state democratic administrative authority of South Australia.

In 2002, GSA had multiple legacy payroll and finance systems to support its various agencies. Although successfully paying government employees, there was no easy way to consolidate the data structures and output of multiple systems to provide a unified, single reporting view. This drive for common reporting and data interpretation saw GSA go to market. They sought a solution that could offer a single data configuration for multiple entities that could consistently interpret and report data. This solution was to support a broader push toward a shared services vision that included payroll processing and meet requirements around segregation of duties.

Frontier Software offered a partially outsourced payroll and self service solution that initially resided in multiple databases, but was configured identically for the whole of government. Employing vast numbers of South Australians in multiple industries and under multiple awards, the Frontier Software solution could accommodate all payment types, rosters and work patterns. The solution provided consolidated data interpretation and reporting, providing insights not previously available at a macro level. To date, Frontier Software has never missed a pay for the GSA, even during the power outage of 2016. Today, with the help of the Reform and HRMS teams, the GSA operate on three databases with consolidated reporting and robust processes to ensure segregation of duties.



Industry sector: Government
Customer since: 2002
Headcount: 84,000 employees
Delivery method: Outsourced
Solution: Payroll, Self-service
Country: Australia

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