Every organisation is competing to secure the best talent they can find. But as every HR professional knows, luring and engaging the right employee is only the beginning. The real challenge lies in keeping them – especially in a pandemic environment.

In what seems a counter-intuitive trend, organisations are reporting high levels of turnover during the COVID pandemic, leading many to rethink their retention strategies.

So what else can organisations do to develop an environment of connectedness, wellbeing and engagement, and what role does HR and people leadership have to play?

Our panel speakers discuss retention and engagement through the lenses of psychology, coaching and technology. This thought-provoking discussion seeks to provide new solutions to help bolster and refine your retention activities during the pandemic and beyond.


Speaker Bios

Dr. Amanda Ferguson is a global expert in work engagement with a Masters and PhD in Organisational Psychology. A registered Organisational and General Psychologist, Dr. Amanda has been in practice for 30 years and has worked extensively with multinational and national organisations. She has provided training and has served as a mentor to professionals from all walks of life. As a published author, keynote speaker and podcaster, Dr. Amanda is passionate about helping people find meaning and satisfaction in work and life. 

Rob Cassidy is a high energy, results-driven executive with substantial HR technology & leadership experience. He consistently helps companies find the right people solution through collaboration and regular communication. His passion is working with people to ensure they are achieving their goals and empowering them to be the best they can be. He prides himself on being able to inspire and engage even the most sceptical client and work with them to achieve the right outcomes.

Darren Hnatiw has spent over 20 years exploiting the latest technologies to provide competitive advantage. He is known for creating highly motivated, dynamic IT engineering teams. Darren’s experience within multi-million dollar corporations extends to the definition of strategic objectives, alignment of technology stacks and the outsourcing of global development activities.