On-Demand Pay has been touted as a game changer for HR and a disruptor to Payroll.

Its promoters are talking about the capacity the service has to enhance employee engagement and productivity. Its detractors are seriously concerned about employee wellbeing and corporate liability.

So should your business be thinking about offering this emerging service?

Join Michael Gowing from the Toga Group who were an early adopter of On-Demand Pay, Susie Quirk, Head of Advisory Services at KPMG and Nick Southcombe, CEO of Frontier Software as they share their perspectives. You’ll learn what on-demand pay is, what’s in it for employers and their staff and what things you may want to consider before providing the service.

One thing is certain, this webinar will get you thinking!

Speaker Bios

Nick Southcombe is Chief Executive Officer at Frontier Software; a role he has held since 2007. Leveraging nearly four decades of experience, Nick has overseen the development of the Frontier Software brand to the enviable market position it occupies today.

Nick is committed to building an exceptional client-focussed enterprise. He drives a corporate culture where business improvement, innovation, quality and employee engagement are deeply connected with customer satisfaction.

Susie Quirk is the leader of the HR Advisory Service at KPMG Australia.

Susie specialises in both transforming the HR operating model to digitally enable the employee experience, as well as focusing on workforce transformation through designing, developing and implementing sustainable cultural change initiatives.

Susie is a pragmatic leader who looks for tangible outcomes, and this has enabled her to work globally over the last 6 years with large international organisations across industries to create and affect real change. To date, Susie has worked with clients in the NSW and QLD governments, Australia University & Bluescope.

Prior to joining KPMG Australia, Susie held executive roles with Superpartners, National Australia Bank and Citipowercor.

Michael Gowing is the Head of FP&A Toga, one of Australia’s leading providers of hotels and apartment hotels. Michael is responsible for payroll and was closely involved in the adoption of a pay on demand service for Toga employees. As such, Michael is uniquely placed to comment on his experience as an early adopter of pay on demand services.